June 20, 2013


You may know judging by my pinterest board that I'm a little into dolls lately.  Or rather my little one is a LOT into dolls.  So I have been on the hunt for wonderful, made with love, soft (no plastic) dolls.  I love nearly everything that Maria from Mariengold makes (she has a new design/ kit out now just today!).  I've bought her supply kit and have plans to make up my own pattern.  (Yes, make it up myself, sew it myself.  Do it all myself.  In case you haven't realized yet I'm overly ambitious with projects.)

But before all this happened I had started this little doll.  I started it years ago while working at a great little yarn shop.  I never finished it...until now.  Well sort of.  I mean for her to have a face but haven't gotten to that just quite yet.  Oh and pants too.  Perhaps another outfit as well.  I'd first have to pry "Dolly" from my daughters hands though.  And I like to keep tantrum time to a minimum.  Never mind the fact that it is the utmost heart warming to see her playing, hugging and kissing "Dolly."

So for now the cloth doll making project is on hold.  Instead my daughter is thoroughly in love with her faceless, pants less Dolly.

*  For those of you that have already asked and I know are still wondering.  Putting this pattern to paper (er instant download via the web) is on my radar.  I'd love to see other people making their version of "Dolly."  If you want to know when the pattern comes available e-mail me hello@laurenannpaul.com and I'll be sure to update you.  And getting all those e-mails might just put it higher on the to do list.  :)


  1. I love her hair. She's beautiful Lauren!

  2. Thanks Jamie! I'm a bit in love with her myself.


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