March 24, 2013

Peg People

For those that know my father.  Yes, that is him in the yellow shirt.*
I've always been a sucker for things made out of wood.  But little people?  Really?  Ones you have to paint yourself? YES!!!  I'm obsessed.  (Just like with the felt balls.)  I think I have plenty little people for Sylvia (ok I think they are really for me) but can't seem to stop painting these little guys.

I've been enjoying mixing colors with my paints once again.  Making little patterns for the clothing makes my heart happy.  I can't seem to let myself paint simple ones.

For those Tea Collection junkies out there.  I've been painting all the little girls with Tea Collection inspired outfits.

You can get your own blank peg people here.

Thanks Rachel,  I've caught the bug you have (truly thank you).

* Note they all these little people are in various states of undress.

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