February 13, 2013

Avalanche Looms

There are no pictures in this post because you simply NEED to visit the links below.

I knew I needed to visit this gem of a store when I came across her blog via the WI-Moo Crew.  Judging by the pictures on her blog, Susan of Avalanche Looms, has amazing taste in the items featured in her store.  That is not even mentioning her very apparent skill with color.  I'm swooning.  I think perhaps I could make the trip this weekend...then I think I should save a wad of cash first.  But delaying certainly does not seem like an option.

I'm extremely inspired after seeing her blog... my head is running in at least 3 directions with ideas for new products and things to create RIGHT NOW!  The baby is napping...so I'm off to make a mess of mine own.

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