August 15, 2012

Life's Reminders

Here is my 4+month beaut with a hair bow.*
Cuteness aside we had a very serious reminder this week of just how precious life is.  I've been thinking night and day of the family of little Emmy.  Hoping that his angels bring his family strength, peace and even more love.  All that he was and could have been will not be forgotten or taken for granted.  Our thoughts will always drift back to him.

I look forward to the time that Sylvia will spend playing with her cousin, his brother, Sully.  I think of the smiles and warmth that it will bring to all of us.  There is so much joy to come.

*Although hair bows make little girls all the more cute Sylvia really never wears one (We don't own one actually- this photo was taken at the store).  They simply aren't practical enough for our days.  In other words I can't be bothered to keep a bow in my babe's hair when I myself haven't showered in a day (or two).  Hats off tot he mothers that can do it.

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