March 20, 2012

Rainbow Fleece Farm

A little lamb.
With the onset of lambing season and then shearing season it seems spring is a natural time for fiber fanatics, knitters etc to get out and find some supplies and meet new people.  There are a lot of events of this kind once the weather warms.  And with the onslaught of new fiber and nice weather it seems the creativity/ excitement of a new project is inevitable.

Two weekends ago was the Madison Knitter's Guild Knit In.  Which I attended last year for the shopping and again this year for the shopping.  Hopefully this is the year I actually join and meet more like minded people...

This past weekend I made my way to Rainbow Fleece Farm.  The visit consisted of angora rabbits, sheep with their spring lambs, chickens, geese, and a LOT of fiber and yarn supplies.  I had already over done myself at the Knit In and so simply enjoyed the farm atmosphere but bringing nothing more than photos home with me.  Rationalizing to myself that the baby could come any day, the last thing I needed was another project... or what I really wanted to bring home, an angora rabbit.

The chicken of choice if I do have my own flock someday.

Rainbow Fleece Farm hens out perambulating.

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