March 18, 2012

Early Spring

I planted three Helleborus last spring and all appear to be blooming/budding this year.  Stunning.
I waddled around the yard this morning documenting the green things.  Most of which are earlier than usual due to the warm weather.  Pictured are a few of my favorites.

Spring seems to haven been skipped over and summer has begun.  Although I do think we may get a few more days of true winter/spring weather yet- at least I'm planning on it so as not to be disappointed.  There is still a very real possibility that this baby could be born during a snowstorm.

Tiny buds and leaves on the Dappled Willow.  Actual size is about 1/4" in length per bud/leaf.
Last year's Sedum flower in the foreground and the new growth just starting to peak out of the ground,

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