February 18, 2012

Gift Wrapping

For the holidays I made these amazingly simple (but time consuming) ornaments/ wrapping toppers.  They were quite the stash buster for fabrics.  I prefer to wrap most all presents I give in old news and usually tie them closed with some sort of yarn.  Many were sold at The Purple Goose all remaining will decorate my tree next year.  A tree full of white fabric ornaments.   Want to make your own?

1. Cut out many circles (at least 12 per ornament)
2. One by one using needle and button thread (it's sturdier than regular) pinch the middle of the fabric circles and hand stitch together.
3.  Keep adding fabric circle pieces until the ornament is full enough to meet your taste (or level of ambition) tying off your thread at the end to secure.
4. With a decorative silver or gold thread create a hanging thread by poking through the center of the ball and knotting the ends together.   Mine were about 3" in length when knotted.

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