February 11, 2012

Fall Visit Home

Oaks keeping their leaves and their promise.
Plethora of pinecones.

Olive wondering what it is I'm taking a photo of.
The wreath collection.
I'm realizing my visits home have been linked to the seasons...  so 4 times a year it seems I get to see the home and land I grew up on.  Fall may just be my favorite time of the year there.  The temps are perfect for walks and exploring.  The bugs are usually gone allowing for one to linger in the woods and tall grasses without fear of massive amounts of bug bites (or being loaded with bug spray).  The colors and light should not be overlooked either.

My Mother likes to make wreaths from the wild vines she tears down from the trees.  Left unchecked those vines have the ability to kill the trees.  Of course there is a plethora of the vines so there is no fear of making them extinct or running out of supplies for this fun fall habit.

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