October 31, 2011

Cotton-Headed Ninnymuggins and Our Honeymoon (at last)

A never seen (by me) before flower.  Any ideas what type it is?

A rare photo of me.  And doing a cartwheel on a ferry= even more rare.
Our site waiting to be set up.

I've done it again.  I've deleted photos I meant not to delete.  The first time was ALL of the photos from the single visit my then boyfriend, now husband, made to NYC while I lived there.  This time it's 99.9% of our Honeymoon photos.  Yep.  Stomach ache.  Headache.  And I have no one else to blame but myself.  At least I was smart enough to keep the "cute" ones on my camera just so I could see them at anytime.  Adding another memory card for my camera to my Christmas list.


We stayed at the Wisconsin State park on Madeline Island for a week, sandwiched by weekend visits to The Land.  We toured about the island, rode our bikes, ate ice cream, sat by the fire, slept in until the heat was so unbearable we had to leave the tent, swam in lake Superior (it was nice really- best week of the year according to the locals), searched for the better part of two days for the Tiny Village with no luck (but we do know where it is for next time), I knit a bit, and took a TON of photos (but these are all I have to show of it).  Oh and we kayaked the caves- hence the above video.  It is my most treasured piece from the honeymoon.  Z's is asking me to video this part of the trip and I'm already doing it. ;)

P.S. Had I not procrastinated posting the photos they would all still be in existence today.  In a loud lamenting voice I say, "WHY?  Why? Why didn't I just put them on my computer and post them Asap?"  The thud is my head hitting the desk in utter disgust with myself.

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  1. I erased all of the irreplaceable pics of my nephew being born. You are the second person to ever hear about this. My heart goes out to you.
    xo, S


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