July 20, 2011

Review It! Water Paper Paint

Quite often I come across books via the web that I find interesting and then immediately check my local library to see if they have it.  Living in a bigger city- they usually do.  Sometimes there is a wait list (BUMMER) and I forget all about the book until that friendly little e-mail says it's waiting for me at the library.  With the mass amount of books being put into print these days I'm often not as pleased with the book as I was the idea of it.

That is exactly what happened today except I am completely in LOVE with the book, Water Paper Paint.  The cover is lovely to look at, the description on the back is concise and accurate and the content is AMAZING.

Before I get too into it I must say I was looking for a book that would be easy, detailed about techniques and most of all inspiring.  I have not held a paint brush in longer than I care to say and want nothing more than to be jump started to get my paints, papers and water cup out again.

This book does not disappoint in any regard.  I've added it to the top of "must have books list" as I simply cannot live without it.

Oh and Heather Smith Jones, the author and artist, also has a great blog, website and letterpress card site.

Adding texture and detail to your paintings.
How to keep and create shapes before painting.
Interesting textures of leaves on paper.


  1. Lauren, thank you so much for your review here of my book. Plus I am really glad your local library had a copy! I hope you will continue to find inspiration within its pages and have fun exploring watercolor. Will you keep us posted with which projects you try?
    Thank you Lauren,

  2. How's that for encouragement! I certainly will post about the projects I try. Thank you for writing such a wonderful book! And thank you for checking out my blog!


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