July 12, 2011

Farmyard Wedding

Sunset wagon ride
I'm from Wisconsin, you may have already noticed that.  And I'm certain you would have noticed it instantly if you heard me speak.  Try as I might I do indeed have a Wiss caan sin accent.

Farmyard weddings have always been around in these parts but in the past few years they have become popular and trendy.  A trend I particularly like and I might add I'm proud of.

These photos are from a family wedding a few weeks back.  It was complete with a wagon ride from Dick, Duke and Doc (the horses).  I'm still basking in the inspiration from that beautiful day!  Oh and it took place at Treinen Farm.

Vases of local flowers, twigs and sprigs featuring one of my favorites, delphinium.
The hay loft of the barn was decorated with lanterns and lights for dancing.
Coffee filter chandelier.  Yes, you read that right.  They looked exquisite.
Ginghan bunting perfectly at home on the farm
Country kids know how to have fun with jumbo size Jenga made from 2x4's.
I'm a touch chicken obsessed lately.  Still dreaming of a flock of my own.

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