July 21, 2011

The Entreprenurial Spirit

Study of Green Envy Echinacea flower.
Reading about Maya Penn on Etsy was enough to get me excited and thinking about my entrepreneurial journey to my current business plan.  Youngsters these days!

My Entrepreneurial Journey:
When I was younger I made friendship bracelets.  The kind you see here, only not nearly as cool and I loved it!  I also made easy beaded jewelry.  A childhood friend and I were obsessed with The Bead Bucket and The Mother Bead by the same young entrepreneur, Tara Niko Rossman.  Not so naturally for a girl of just 12 years I was inspired and determined to sell my wares on the web.  I made a go of it and even created a website.

The site, BeadyChic, did not have images (what's a digital camera?).  The nearest place that could take images from my film camera and put them onto a floppy (yes floppy drive) was 35+ miles away.  I didn't know a thing about taxes, shipping rates, what to pay myself, wholesale vs retail...the list goes on.  There wasn't a place to go to learn about these things.  My busy hardworking parent's best advice consisted of,  "If you don't know how to do something..." "Look it up.", "Read up on it." and "Ask the librarian."  Great advice really except that there wasn't a singular book at our library about it.  Milly, the librarian and soon good friend, did help me track down a couple business books at a different library which were way over my head and quickly thrown to the side.  I even tried the popular Yahoo chat rooms (creepy).  Without sales or a source to turn to for advice my imageless BeadyChic website was no longer.  I continued making things and being creative of course and that entrepreneur spirit never died.

I was quickly distracted with teaching myself to knit and then spinning yarn, painting with water colors and building things out of wood.  Then there was college, moving to NYC, more college, love, moving back to WI, a real job, house buying, marriage, house projects, gardening and NOW.

I'm back creating a business of selling my designs and wares.  I plan to launch a few products this fall and am currently taking business courses to jump start the not-as-fun parts like detailed, thorough, and realistic research.   What I want to do is paint the day away...

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