March 1, 2011

A Snowy Day

This past Saturday it snowed.  And no, I was not excited about it.  For all of you warmer climate dwellers, that still think snow is beautiful, it is at this point in the year that warmer weather can not come soon enough.  Us cold climate folk are desperate for it.

Then I walked outside and noticed how gently the large fluffy flakes were falling.  "Falling in love snow" it most certainly was.  I could not help but share.  See for yourself.  Yes, it is filmed from the point of view you have when catching snowflakes with your tongue.

On a different note:

-I'm working on some yoga mat bags for Blackbird Family Yoga.  I'm super excited!  It was this bag that inspired it.

-I've also just sent another batch of my Lace Scarf pattern to Monterey Yarn.  Thanks Ladies!

-Oh and the shop needs more tutus.  Go figure. ;)

Feast or famine.

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