March 22, 2011

Mouse'n Around: A Vintage Pattern Book

One vintage pattern.  Four timeless options.  I'm in love.
A certain friend of mine (you've probably already met her) asked if I could help with a little issue she had.  ie copy and trace lovely vintage sewing patterns that have been chewed by mice.  She is panic-attack-afraid of the little furry guys.  Also she has this awesome goal of sewing 12 dresses in as many months and so far has kicked butt.  So I certainly could NOT let her down.  In the mean time I too fell in love with the patterns.  I think I may be sensing a sew along in our future (hopefully I don't belly flop again).  Now take a peek at this vintage goodness!
The mice chewed through the book and patterns.  Sorry S I had to show it.
Option K and L
Option M and N
Another pattern I love from this vintage pattern book.
 Now, creating the time to get sewing...

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  1. You are the best! But I did actually get lightheaded at THAT picture. What pattern are you thinking? I'm still in for View N.


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