March 23, 2011

Meandering Focus

A sample of the books I've checked out the past few months, my meandering focus.
I have a lot of interests.  I float between being awesome at one thing and attempting awesome at everything.  I always let something slip up.  Be it a dirty house, a weed filled garden, an unorganized studio, or a pile of mending....  In that same moment there is something else that I am completely pouring myself at.

The father of a friend once described my Dad and I as hard workers because we can completely immerse ourselves into our projects.  We don't always put a whole lot of thought into it first we just commit, put our heads down and plow through it.

This thought often leads me to think about my ancestry.  I think about the type of people I come from and wonder if the answers to my skills/happiness lie there.  Despite having an awesome genealogy book on my Mother's side, I don't know a ton.  I know they were hard workers (wasn't everyone in the past?- darn my lazy generation).  More specifically I know my maternal grandmother enjoyed many of the things I enjoy.  Or perhaps she just did them out of necessity.  She had a huge backyard veg and flower garden.  She had a spinning wheel but with 9 children it didn't get used much if at all (I don't have that kid excuse).  She painted.  She, like I, was great at and seemed to prefer to draw/paint from pictures instead of imagination.  She didn't know how to cook when she was married.  She honed all those skills after marriage and with the arrival of the many mouths to feed.  She was savvy.  In all of her pictures she looked beautifully put together.  Something in her eyes always made me think she was running though her to-do list.

I could day dream about her and others for hours.  Seeking answers to questions about with my imagination.  It's a beautiful thing and at the same moment I must focus on the tasks at hand.

Now, back to work with these hands.

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