March 30, 2011

Happy List

This color combo is making me happy right now.  Thanks for the lacy top Halley!
This week's Happy List includes:

-Just when I thought I was concentrating and making progress on a project....a friend shows me this book.  I now have Pattern Magic and Pattern Magic 2 (in English-thankfully) on order.  Can I really wait a month for them to arrive....  I must.  I have a dress to make before I can allow myself yet another project.  AHH this book is blowing my mind!  What if I applied this to knitting patterns?  Other than making them insanely difficult for many how amazing would it be?

-My latest addiction, Studio Sweet Studio.  Great ideas for organizing your creative space by letting you peek into working studios (not those fashioned for a magazine article).

- All For Everyone is making me want to set up my knitting machines and get going on some awesomeness for next fall/winter.   You can see her fun studio here.

-Our bathroom was in need of a pick-me-up so I bought this shower curtain as a quick room changer.  Now I'm thinking I might need this one too.  What better place to have a map to study?

-The Wise Man's Fear has Bean's undies in a bundle this week.  He is a quick reader and the 994 pages are nearly complete.  Haven't read the first book in the trilogy yet?  The Name of the Wind was read just as quickly.  Now if only Bean didn't have to wait 2 years for the third and final (?) book.  I love it when he has a good book, I stay up all night and knit right next to him.

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