March 23, 2011

Happy List #1

-These recycled textiles inspired by nature .  YUM!  I can't get enough of the colors and textures.  I have bags full of similar waste from weavings past that I couldn't toss.  My wheels are turning.
textile by Jrumchai Singalavanij
-More tutus are in the works!  Just another thing I can cross off my list.  Almost time to start another list...

-Fiber, spinning yarn and the possibilities that come with it...Like this Saori Weaving studio, Loop of the Loom.  Oh, if only I had three of me to do all of these great things.

-My furoshiki (I printed, dyed and made it as a college project) and this awesome video on how to use a furoshiki.  It makes you want to sew up a square right now does it not?  P.S.  Yes, that is the first of my projects to make it on my personal/art website.  More is on the way...however slowly 'cuz I'm not a factory (as much as I try).

Furoshiki gift wrapping from RecycleNow on Vimeo.

Happy Wednesday!


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