February 1, 2011

White Elephant 2011

I hear friends complain about having to buy gifts for extended family and I think we have the best solution: The White Elephant Gift Exchange.  See for yourself:
Fishing hooks without holes to tie your line to.
More fishing hooks without holes.
Ancient projector screen. Does anyone have a working projector?
A new one that will hopefully be back next year.
You are considered the big winner if you get this can of horsemeat dog food. Made before "best by dates" were law.
ZIMMERAMA: Infinite Merry Moments Everyone Remembers Are Made Again.  Any ideas for the "Z"?
It's a tradition that brings us all together.  It makes gift giving fun, interesting and best of all affordable.  You're not suppose to buy anything, just give something that you already have but no longer want or need.  An ancient digital answering machine or portable projector screen, a gaudy Christmas pillow, a bottle of wine you don't want are all perfect options.


  1. The "Z" is pronounced as a German would pronounce "The". Such as 'zee lederhosen has holes in zem' So, it would be: zee infinite merry moments everyone remembers are made again.

    Guten Tag.

  2. There's something totally refreshing about seeing the horsemeat in a blog....ah, Zimmerama. Nothin' better.


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