February 24, 2011

Pretzel Style

When I saw these chairs I thought, "PERFECT!"  I have a thing for sitting on the floor.  I prefer it.  I sit pretzel style even when eating at the table.  It is an urge that I have only learned to curb when a guest at someone house or when eating out.

Oh and our cats have claws.  They enjoy using them on everything.  A very sad thing for a girl that loves to cover things in textiles and patterns that she has designed.  With these chairs though I could make cushions.  That cats wouldn't claw them because they would move around. Plus I could simply toss the covers in the washer and replace with others when guests come over.  No more embarrassing cat hair everywhere.  Well at least not on the cushions.

And then I noticed.  They are kid's chairs.  Would my keister fit on them, certainly not.  One can dream though.

Just think of the lovely day when I could sit (pretzel style) and knit or read on one of these adult sized comfy chairs.

All chairs and images by Bookhou.

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  1. That should read "my cats." They just happen to live in my house. Bean


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