February 21, 2011

Must Make: Emerson Made

Photo via Emerson Made
The Wellies I'll wear with it.  The pattern I have.  The pleats, pockets and length is different but those are an easy fix.
 For quite some time I've had in my possession a vintage pattern from my Mother for a skirt similar to this. I wasn't certain I could pull it off because of the strong 80's look.   Perhaps that was just the styling of the pattern's photo?  But WOWZA after seeing this one by Emerson Made I must make it.  Yes, in that mustard yellow.  It is such a beautiful color and oh so difficult to pull off in shirts as it makes most everyone's skin look pale and sickly.  But in a skirt it will be fantastic!  Oh and it will go lovely with my red wellies I received for Christmas.  That is when they are worn for fashion and not dirty jobs in the garden or at the land.


  1. Love it! Where are your wellies from?

  2. The wellies made by Quest are from a WI chain called Fleet Farm. You should be able to find high quality wellies at your local farm supply store. Thank you for your interest. ;)


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