February 21, 2011

Green Owl and some links

I like the little green leaves.
A friend and I went out for lunch yesterday at a local restaurant, The Green Owl.  The food was delish, the atmosphere was great (see those orange birch walls) and the company was even better.  Certainly a must if you like veggies, are gluten intolerant or just plain want to see the decor. 

-Recently on a fun trip with Bean to downtown Madison I picked up Lotta Jansdotter's latest book, Handmade Living.  Beautiful.  A full review is coming soon.  Certainly check out her new and very much improved website (tons more inspiration!)

-Lotta's new book made me want to see what some of my other NYC favorites are up to.  I'm anxiously awaiting the spring items from Pip-Squeak Chapeau.  I seriously love Sveta's dresses.  We have a common love for linen, knits and textures.

-I was getting low on my favorite soap, Lusa Organics, so I bought more.  Only this time I was "adventurous" and bought two different scents.  My winter favorite is Gitchigumee.  Rachel, the owner, also keeps an earthy and inspiring blog, Clean.

Did I mention that I love trees?

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