February 2, 2011

Garden To Be

The new seed packets.
Last year remaining seeds in the jar and plastic bag and some of the new seeds at left.
I have been dreaming of spring lately.  So I've started taking stock of what I have to work with and what I "need" for the up coming seed starting season.  That is of course other than an outdoor green house.  Poor Bean has to deal with seed trays taking over the top of my dresser, kitchen island and occasionally the kitchen table.

This time I promise myself to start things on time or earlier.  And yes because of the near success of the loofahs I will be attempting them again.  And I've added Japanese White Pine to my list.

I still have to buy seeds for a few more plants, mostly herbs.  It's come a long way in two years.  It's hard for me to believe this is the 3rd year with my very own veg patch.  And a backyard now that I mention it.  Oh I'm anticipating Spring so much it almost hurts.

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