January 31, 2011

Review It: Pop Bonsai + Japanese White Pine Seeds

Pop Bonsai by Lisa Tajima
Moss, another topic in Pop Bonsai.
Seeds to grow into pop bonsai.

Lisa Tajima's pots and pop bonsai.
Japanese White Pine (JWP) as pop bonsai (image from Pop Bonsai) and JWP as Christmas tree (ie the Mother Tree).
The JWP seeds I am attempting to grow.
This year my parent's live Christmas tree was a Japanese White Pine.  While we were getting ready to open presents we kept hearing little ping noises.  They turned out to be seeds falling from the tree.  The warm room was prompting the tree to let the seeds fall early.  So what else does one do but try to grow them into beautiful little bonsai?

I've had a love of Bonsai (and all things Japanese) since a very young age.  Perhaps it was the curiosity I had for my Aunt Yoshiko's culture and/or the fact that my mind and is very happy with clear directions that lead to beauty and success.  Either way starting, growing, training and dreaming about the future of plants sends me into a tizzy of happiness.

But I digress.  I'm following the directions found here for sowing the 27 little seeds.

I'm using Pop Bonsai a book I picked up at Takashimaya (a Japanese department store that is sadly now closed) in NYC for inspiration.  It's a clear, beautiful and concise book about a looser, more modern version of the art of bonsai.  Some of the trees featured in the book are whimsical, funny and really make me smile.  Or perhaps those are just the personalities of the author's (Lisa Tajima) pots.  Which brings me to another thing I'd love to get back into but know won't happen anytime soon- making pottery.

Note about Lisa Tajima's pots: I have only found them available through a website written in Japanese as her English site is defunct.  I'd love to know if you find another source for them.


  1. That's so awesome, I love the idea of the seeds falling off the tree on Christmas! Keep us posted.

  2. Grow one for me too! Mom :)


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