January 31, 2011

The Resloutions

Seriously fresh eggs from local happy hens!  I hope I get to meet them this summer.

Even the color of brow eggs has me thinking of summer.  Ahh a nice summer tan.
Basically this year I am going to do the things I love and that make me happy and healthy.

My list of resolutions (besides getting these done during January):

-Knit.  Design your own and then do it.  It does after all calm, challenge and make you smile.
-Sew.  Have I mentioned this book that I would like to make most everything out of?  How about actually making something from it?
-Explore.  Try new foods.  Visit new places.
-Getting to the gym twice/week.  Any more than that is a bonus.  Being healthy really can be that easy Lauren, really.
-Eating better.  Sufficiently vague.  But Veggies.  Yes veggies, those happy healthy guys, need to be included in lunch and dinner.  This is much easier since I discovered my body hates gluten.  A vast amount of the foods that filled my lunches are now on the naughty list.  Veg is easy to pack for on-the-go too.
-Eat local as much as possible.  I think I'll start with eggs.
-bloggy blog.  Post regularly.  It keeps you motivated and on task.  Even if it isn't the task you are suppose to be working on, you are getting something done.  Getting things done=warm fuzzy feeling.
- Write or call a friend at least once/ week.  You love them.  They love you.  Why not communicate more.
-Start more things from seed and watch them grow. 

That sums up a happy 2011.  What are your plans for the new year?

On another note:  I've added my site address to my photos here as I have seen one of my photos used without a request (I've never said "no" to a request.  I just want to know where they are going).  Let me know if it is distracting or detracting from the photo itself.  Although I want to prevent people from using my photos without giving credit I don't want my signature mucking up the feel of my site.  What do you think?

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