January 26, 2011

Nearing 2 months- an apology

I'm sure I have plenty of excuses (I do make those too, fyi).  My lack of a presence on this forum is... well, not what I had in mind.  Rest assured I have been doing very interesting and creative things in my apparent absence from life (otherwise known as blogging) and simply haven't shared them with you.  Oops.  It is not my intention to sound snotty but there are good reasons...

For example:

-I was so very disappointed with myself about not finishing the sew along with these fantastic friends that I simply could not bring myself to post until it's conclusion.  (It's still not finished)

-Writers block

-Photographers block.  Aka "It's freezing outside.  The garden is dead (my preferred subject).  AND the ice and  snow is only beautiful for so long- ie 15-20 seconds.

-I'm now working out.  Yep, twice a week at minimum.  That is my only rule about my getting back into shape.  So shapely me no longer has those evening hours to post and is recovering (sleeping) when she could otherwise be writing in the morning.

- I'm running out of reasons...So I'll just get on with it and pretend this little..uh em huge.. winter break didn't happen.

On with the real post, eh?

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