December 6, 2010

A Dash

 How was that for giving thanks and making a mad dash?  Not so much as a peep from me last week-shame.  It's super cold in the studio these days as it is the farthest room from the stove.  At least that is my excuse for not keeping up with things here.

With last Friday's snow, I feel as though winter is officially upon us.  Bring out the boots (hooray for my having finally, after 3 miserable years, bought a pair that I can drive in.  bye bye cold toes)!  Bring out the car scrapers!  Bring out the snow "throwers" (as they are now being dubbed since it seems they have given "blowing" it).  Bring out the shovels, ice picks and ice melter!

While scraping the car windows this morning I paused long enough to notice a few pristine snowflakes.


  1. While scrapping my car this morning I wanted to take a picture of the SAME thing. I'm so glad you did! So pretty.

  2. Gosh, those snow crystals are AMAZING. I wish it would snow here...


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