November 22, 2010

Not a Bunch of Loofah

Loofah update (I know you've been holding on to your seats in anticipation for this for weeks): NONE of them were ripe enough to be kept.  They were still so young and not woody we could have eaten them.  I was too disappointed to cook them up though.  Despite the strike out there was more fall yard work to be done that weekend.
There's that green and purple again.
Like digging up the canna bulbs so they could be stored in the basement for the winter.  They were so lovely this year (I had never grown them before).  Just like K said they would, the bulbs became huge and formed more for next year.  Does anyone in the area want some canna bulbs for next year.  I have a ton!

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  1. I HAVE Been waiting, sorry they didn't work. BOOOO. I would take you up on your generous offer, but you know how I am with gardening.


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