November 16, 2010

life ketchup*

I had taken a break from writing (obviously) to ketchup* on life.  uh em- freelance jobs (and new exercise routines sometimes shake life up a little).  All done for now with the freelance but not the exercising.

What in the world have I been up to?  Without further adieu, in no particular order:
-Reading my backlogged rss blog feeds.  Only 351 to go.  Yeah, I read a lot of blogs.
-Attending the unveiling of a local sustainable fashion line.
-Bean was nominated for an TWO Emmys so we went to the awards in Chicago.
-Young Frankenstein- the musical.
-Relearning illustrator for my freelance work (interpreting handmade designs digitally so they can be turned into letterpress plates).
-Knitting socks (yarn from Monterey Yarn).
-Learning all about my serger.  Threading is soo much fun (you may sense the sarcasm)! 12 more repeats and I may just have it down.
-Eating bear tacos.  I ate the first without knowing it was bear.  It WAS good.  Then Bean sprung it on me, "What do you think you're eating?"  The second taco was hard to eat.
-Keeping up with my weekly blog posts at The Purple Goose.

AND making a DRESS with two GREAT friends this month Sandy and Nicole.  We are otherwise known as SNL (Sandy, Nicole and Lauren).  I'll post more on that soon.  Did I mention I needed to thread my serger a few more times?  For now ketchup* with our project on Sandy's lovely blog.

What about that ketchup?  I've been meaning to make this recipe (from Jamie Oliver's Jamie at Home cook book) but I no longer have enough home grown tomatoes.  Okay, I still have some in the basement but not nearly enough.  I've added it to the project list (see the left hand column) for next summer's garden excursions.  I may have to make multiple lists....gardening, sewing, knitting, house.... oh my!

*ketchup = catch up.  I figured you got it but wanted to make certain.

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  1. Oh my god, you HAVE been busy. Sheesh, girl, good work!


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