November 17, 2010

the house

1. We searched and searched for a home and we weren't even engaged, gasp!  And living in sin, GASP!  But seriously we searched and searched.  There was a dump that I loved!  It really only had nice light in the dining room (which was really a porch) and it was a few blocks away from my friend.  But it smelled like smoke, reeked really.  The floors didn't seem level either.  A tiny bathroom and one tiny bedroom.  All pretty much yuck.  But I loved it.  Bean the ultimate in level headed did not let me fall for it.  "There will be others.  Better ones."  He was right.  There were many more than the three I list here.

2. Then there was the house with the amazing view of the Capitol.  Foreclosed and run down but not nearly as terrible as #1.  We saw it on a dark freezing winter evening after a long day/week of work = I wasn't impressed.  It would have been quite the steal (money wise) but the neighborhood was more than sketchy.  Drug dealers live down the street from that house now.  Or I should say "did" live down the street (that's how I KNOW they were drug dealers).  Oh but that view...  Sorry I didn't let you fall for that one Bean, we'd be looking at the Capitol right now.

3. Then there was our house.  Nearing awesome neighborhood.  Old characters living near by (I love old people- not PC but it's true), a school down the street (just in case), HUGE backyard by city standards....  Oh the house, was similar in size and layout to #2.   It too was a foreclosure that had sat for 2 years but had great bones and wood floors I was certain were buried under the carpeting and tile.  Bean was smart and we saw it on a sunny day = I was impressed.  We both leaped!

There's wood floors under there, I know it!
Lots of space (that will look great when updated)!

It has a garage!  It fits a whole car AND workspace!

Did I mention the main water pipe that burst on inspection day?
In March we will have been here for two years.  It's hard to believe what it looked like before.  We had such foresight.  Or were we just naive?  Most of the drastic renovations have happened.  Photos of the projects will begin to trickle in, unlike that water on inspection day.

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