November 20, 2010

crafting a HUGE mess

I have big IDEAS/ plans and often times my creative juices get the best of me (ie too many/much for the time I have).  That combined with my seeming inability to prioritize them is a terrible concoction.  So I get down on myself, afraid to try because failure seems evident.  Now that is where the logical side of me comes in.  Or at least today it took over (Thank you).   I'm crafting up a dozen or so pairs of mittens (the ones I cut out a few weeks back).  CrEpeta is cheering me on.  I think she is just glad that I'm not making the up-cycled sweaters into a doll like her, she hates competition.  Yes, that means I have conquered the cleaning, oiling and threading of the serger.  Yes, I should really be working on this, as I have yet to get to the sewing portion.

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