November 22, 2010

before & after: window shutter project

  Another oldy but goody from Z's parents.  I'd been pondering an original way to display the cards that we sell at the store so I thought this up after seeing Martha Stewart's et al.  I can't find the project on her increasingly difficult to navigate website.  But I'm sure one of you can.  Any other ideas on how to make use of old shutters?  I have a few more laying around.  Please accept my apologies in advance for not having more photos... I was in the moment.

- Wooden window shutter: be green and get them second hand or rip one off your house-hehehe
- 1 can chalk spray paint (you can make yours any color but the chalk makes this the perfect message board)
- Caulk: I prefer the clear because it matches any color paint.
- Sandpaper various grits: depends on how much sanding your shutter needs
- Screw driver
- Sanding block/power tool

1. Clean the dirty things. Sand lightly. Clean again.

2. Figure out what you want the top to be and have the slots closed but in the up position and then nail them closed.  You want the cards to be able to slide into and be held by these slots.  Eh em.  I didn't make certain of this.  On the backside use a brad (or similar small nail) to secure the shutter closed.  Shutter styles vary so find a spot out of sight.

3. Caulk or glue on the back side of each slot.  I had to do this because even when closed there was small gap in each slot that the cards would have slipped through.  Depending on your shutter you might be able to skip this step (I should have).  Let it dry according to the caulk manufacturer's directions.

Click HERE to see the rest of the directions.

4. Remove any extra hardware.  ie hinges or knobs that will get in the way of hanging the shutter once finished.
Waiting for paint to dry.
5. PAINT!  I used the spray paint that creates a chalkboard because I wanted to be able to write prices and notes on the shutter.  Allow to dry according to the paint manufacturers directions.  I put a few coats on the front and  edges, allowed to dry and then did the backside (not necessary if you plan to hang it).  Apply as many coats, according to manufacturers directions, as it takes to get a nice even finish.

6.  Hang it or let it stand.  This one is in a spot in the shop that is easily accessible for customers and staff.  In your home think about where it will be easy to use and will get the most traffic.  Especially if you will be using it for notes, to-do lists, recipes for the week or inspiration.

Note:  It turned out I closed my shutter a bit too much and didn't leave enough room for the thicker cards to fit into.  But it turned out to be a great way to display your jewelry and have it easily accessible.  Just add a few brads or "S" hooks to hang them from.  French wire earrings will hang from the slats depending on the thickness of the slat opening.

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