October 8, 2010

wooden you know

grass at the Land
interesting red pods
windswept grasses

It was 57 degrees in the house when I woke up the other morning.  I think the first fire of the season is quickly approaching.

I have a hot date with the woods this weekend and I can't wait. We will be gathering wood for the cold season. 3+ cord of it to be precise. Last year we just barely had enough and that was with an impromptu visit to the woods while there was feet of snow on the ground. Yep, digging through the snow to find the piles we had made the previous fall. It doesn't sound like it but it was fun and simply great to be outdoors mid winter. Burning wet wood is not ideal and certainly can be frustrating. Especially when you are freezing your buns off (because the house spent all day cooling off because it doesn't have insulation because it was built before they knew how to make anything better than thick paper) and then try starting the fire, restarting it and restarting is how it happens or doesn't happen rather.  Wouldn't you know fires with wet wood are often no fire at all.  So, we are trying to be timely this year. Don't get me wrong I love burning wood for heat (there are tons of reasons why) but sometimes the cold gets the better of me.  Going out into the woods is one of the best parts of the whole process.

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