October 15, 2010

wedding remix

readying the bride (me) for the reenactment wedding/last day at Gail Ambrosius
When Z and I were in the midst of planning our wedding last fall/winter I was simply too busy to write daily posts. Uh em, I didn't make it a priority.   I was sewing the dress after all, working full-time plus a part-time job and fixing up the house.  It was nuts!  As a result my posts about the wedding and prepping was very minimal.  Now I see them as a sort of teaser because I can't count how many of you have asked me, "where did you get this or that?, What did you eat? Where did you eat? What pattern did you use for your dress?"  So I've decided to write a few more posts with the dirty details.  Hopefully it will answer a lot of questions and maybe inspire a little too.

So ready yourself for one wedding remix post a week for as many weeks as it takes to pour over the details.  For those of you that aren't as fond of wedding chitter chatter (trust me I'm not either) they will only be once a week.  :)

Here is a list of the topics I have in mind. 

the invites (or check out the quick post)
the jewels
the bachelorette party
the diy wedding dress (quick post)
the treats (sort of diy)
the pit stop
the dinner
the cake
the backyard party
the reenactment

 Am I missing something?

Ready yourselves for the wild ride of the wedding remix!

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