October 21, 2010

wedding remix: the invites

 Yeah, I know I'm pushing the first year marker but by popular demand this is the first installment of my Wedding Remix.

I made my own wedding invites from supplies I already had (the only exception being the envelopes of course-although one could make that too...).  I also only had 12 invites to make so it was very manageable.  If you have to do more consider getting the bridesmaids/friends together for an evening of wine/tea and crafty fun.  Or be realistic and do something less intensive (it's easy to say in hindsight).  More photos at this older wedding invites post.

DIY wedding invites/ cards:

-printed fabric (buy it or do it yourself- I had leftovers from college)
-printer paper (I cut water color paper to fit in my printer-I loved the texture of it)
-envelopes (I bought parchment envelopes to show off the fabric design)
-India ink
-calligraphy pen
-needle and thread/ sewing machine
-pinking shears

1. Write up the info in word, photoshop, illustrator.  Make certain to include all the details.  This is where the bridesmaids/fiance come in handy.  Have a ton of people proof it to make certain everything is clear and easy to read.  Who, what, where, when, rsvp, driving/parking info and hotel accommodations....

2. Print the invites.  Mine were quarter paper size.  ie I fit 4 on a sheet.  Cut them apart.

3.  Cut your fabric into pieces with a pinking shears to insure the fabric does not unravel.  Although the unraveling could be part of the style/theme.   My pieces of fabric just covered the text on the invites with a small border of the paper peaking out from behind.
fabric stitched to paper along top edge
4. Stitch fabric to the paper along the top edge.  I preferred the top in this case because of the design on the fabric.  I could see stitching along the left side with the invite text being revealed as a book looking equally as intriguing.

5. Welcome back to 1st grade with the dashed and solid lined practicing sheets!  Practice your calligraphy or just jump right in (as in my case). 

6.  Address the envelopes in your perfect beautiful handwriting.  Apply stamps.  Send out.

7. Make an rsvp list for all those you invited.  Hang it on the fridge and mark off the replies as they pile in.  Staying organized is essential.  I was lucky Z took the reigns in that regard.

Invites: Check!  Proceed with the rest of the overwhelming prepping and planning.  And enjoy it!

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