October 27, 2010

wedding remix: the dress

the dress.  yea, that is the best full-length shot I have of it.
the pattern: vogue 2903
mock-up lay out
tracing the pattern for the mock up
There are more photos of me creating the mock-up right here.  There aren't any of me creating the lining or the real deal.  I was too frantic at that point.  It wasn't technically even finished until 45 min before walking down the aisle.

I started with Vogue vintage pattern 2903 an original from 1957.  I liked the line and simplicity of the look as well as the tea length (it wouldn't get sloppy in the snow).  Oh and princess seams are suppose to flatter every body type, double like.  I wrote the changes I wanted to make right off the bat onto the pattern envelope.

What I learned:  making a mock is a very good thing.  I measured and even made one size smaller and the mock up was still 4+ inches too big.  There was a lot of tailoring that happened between the mock-up and real deal.  Luckily I made the dress twice before cutting out the silk (mock-up and lining) so I had plenty pf practice.

I made more alterations based on my personal taste:
- I left the sleeves off and finished the shoulders as I saw fit.
- I removed a good deal of the fullness of the skirt.  I like where it ended up.
- I added length and then took too much off.  The result: it was not quite full length or technically short enough for tea length.  It was just right for showing my toes and staying out of the snow though.
- I rounded the bust line a great deal.  I don't have or desire the pointy boobs of the 50's.

I was very happy with the results.  I don't know that I would recommend making your own wedding dress though.  I was way to frantic to begin with.  Life probably would have been easier if I had bought a dress.  But yes, I would do it again.  Only this time I would knit it.  I'd knit this dress in Rowan magazine 40:
There is a clearer picture of it right here.  It would have been in some type of white of course.  Just imagine, I could have taken it on road trips, watched movies, gone to a friends house.... it would have been sweet!  Oh wait it was sweet, the one I made that is. Did you make your own dress or are you thinking about it?  I'd love to know!


  1. Stunning stunning stunning! Nothing else to say! You look just incredible :)

  2. Thank you for the kind words Snuzal! I look so much formal than the usual goofy/casual me I was strangely worried to post the photos...

  3. Soup cans! Looks great LoSh :)

  4. Definitely don't worry to post those photos.. You look just amazing. Came here from PR and just wow.. You've really done a wonderful job.


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