October 11, 2010


Potatoes are always mysterious to me.  You plant a portion of one in the early spring (or late spring in my case) and then when the plants die back (or in my case when the weeds have taken over) you dig in the same place you planted the piece and a whole family turns up.  Splendid really.  I planted fingerlings and norlan reds this year.  All from Jung's.  Here they are laying out for a day or two for their skins to harden.  If you don't harden the skins you end up taking off all the skin when you scrub the dirt off.  That makes baking them a touch on the difficult side.  I wonder how long they will store in a crate in the basement....  Or is there a better way to store them?

This may look familiar because I did the same type of photo shoot last year with our prolific tomatoes.

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