October 7, 2010

pomegranate pain no more

I have admired their prolific use in textiles designs for years, well before I knew it was a real fruit.  I am still a bit shocked when I discover new fruit.  There are certain things that aren't (or are yet to be) mass produced/farmed and that makes me happy especially when it comes to fruit.

My roommate in college would buy and eat these lovelies.  I didn't have the taste buds for them then but just last year Z brought some home to try (he does the grocery shopping and likes to surprise me with things).  I had no idea how to clean or eat them.  Needless to say it became a chore.  Pom juice splattering all over me and the walls instead of staying in the little seed where I would like it.  It took me forever to pick out the tiny pieces of pulp from the seeds.  Oh and the clean up!  I still see the spots on the kitchen walls.  Then one day a light went on.  No more splattering, picking out pulp and long clean up.  So here is the how-to in its simplistic beauty:

1. make a small incision all the way around the fruit.  Being careful not to go very deep.
2. gently but firmly twist the two halves apart.
3. fill a pot with 4" or so of cool water.
4. submerge one half of the pomegranate and gently remove the seeds (I use my thumb).  The seeds will naturally sink and the pulp will float.
5. skim off the pulp, pour through a strainer and enjoy!

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