October 25, 2010

a past flash

Weekends always seem to go too fast.  Especially when travel is involved.  We visited my parents in my hometown so it was really just a flash of a weekend.  Another quick song to listen to while reading and looking...
I'm home
night travels
Olive: Another borrow-a-dog-side-kick
bingo cards: they just don't make them like they used to...
we are all scattered now
We arrived late Friday night.  We always leave after work and the drive takes 3 hours.  So Friday night is good for snacking and catching up but not much else.

Saturday my Mom and I made an early morning trip to my favorite yarn shop, Monterey Yarn.  It was busier than I had ever seen it.  I stepped back a few years and wound skeins for customers as the line grew and grew.  FYI: I worked at Monterey Yarn during my summer breaks from college.  It is a second home of sorts.  I bought yarn for a pair of socks and gathered 5 times as much inspiration for the winter knitting yet to come.  Maybe I'll get going on some of the knitting patterns that have taken up residence in my head.  Oh so many plans and projects....

Saturday evening we went out with my parents to a VFW banquet dinner.  It was very Wisconsin and a lot of fun!  I'm glad we were able to be a part of it.  Chicken dinner with all of the usual "fixings", a 50/50 raffle, a calendar raffle, and last but not least a mad game of bingo.  It is safe to say that we threw the average age off by 20 years 30 years.  After the elders went home and off to bed, Z and I continued on to the bowling alley for a few games and finally catching up with an old friend.

Sunday included a late start (recovering from all that catching up at the bowling alley) and a quick visit to Grandma's house.  We arrived at the perfect time, a roaring game of rummy was ensuing.  We enjoyed dinner at home and left just in time to avoid the GB Packer vs. Viking traffic.  And we would have made it home 1-2 hours earlier had the car battery not been dead.  Twice.

All in all it was a fast but great weekend.  I'm looking forward to the week and maybe share a quick project or two, another installment of wedding remix and some other happenings!  As always feel free to leave comments or e-mail me.

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