October 27, 2010

the night I hated cats

Yes you, Dumptser!  And Leon stop being a copy...

Please refrain from bellowing at the door tonight.  You are trying out my patience.  Bean and I need a good nights rest so we can be happy and fully functioning people again.  Unlike the zombie-like personalities we have had all week.

FYI Bean's patience ran out sometime Sunday night during all the racket you were making.  You're lucky,  I think if I let him he may just kick you like Sasquatch does in the Jack Links commercials.  Yeah, yeah, the people actually start moving before his foot hits them, but do take it as a warning.

Maybe it has something to do with my being gone last weekend and not taking you along.  Or perhaps the crazy wind for the past two days and all the freaking noises scare you.  I know I hope it stops soon too. 

It couldn't possibly be the dehydrated camping food you used your kitty ninja skills to devour while we were away could it?  No, I didn't think so.  Yes, I will take note that you liked the eggs with sausage much more than the lasagna.

None the less, everyone in this house (and a few coworkers, fellow commuters and that women at the grocery store) would be a lot happier if you would keep it down tonight.  It may even lead to a new toy.  Yeah, I said it.

Thank You Kindly,
Lauren (and Bean)

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