October 13, 2010

leaf tornados

I saw my first leaf tornado of the season today.  They always bring me back to middle school: wiggling around in an old and uncomfortable wooden desk, day dreaming and bored.  I could watch the leaves twisting around and around calling to me, "come on outside and run around."  I hadn't yet adjusted to the switch from summer and playing all day to sitting in school all day.  I am again wiggling around, wanting to get outside.  I more now than at any other time of the year want to exercise.  Or maybe it was all those years of playing tennis and running that is beaconing my out-of-condition body back.  I know I should listen.

The weather has been unseasonable warm this past week or two.  It does seem we are waiting for the inevitable...  I won't dwell on that though.  For now I am appreciative of the weather that is allowing my loofah plant to mature.  I may just get more than one sponge after all.

I've been thinking more about wanting to wear only the things I make and a sweet friend is making twelve dresses (she keeps me inspired and motivated).  As a result I have been flirting with the idea of making every single piece in, Design-it-Yourself Clothes by Cal Patch.  I wouldn't put myself on a deadline because I think instead of motivating (as time constraints normally do for me) it would put unnecessary pressure on something that should be fun.  Oh but think of the wardrobe I would have when I was finished.  Do I dare?

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  1. You dare, and I like the popular posts addition to the site!


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