November 24, 2010


We may have finally decided on a honeymoon... road trip to the east?  Acadia, Gettysburg, Vermont...  Who knows?  BUT it will be fun, will happen next summer and will involve a car, some camping and lots of exploring.  I can't wait!  I am also particularly excited that it won't break the bank.  Oh damn Bean's money sense has rubbed off on me.  Thanks dear for talking me off the financing-a-honeymoon ledge.

Where was your honeymoon?  Are there any places you would recommend we visit?

Dreaming of all the places we will go and all the things we will do...

Beautiful photos don't you think?  All images by Tanveer Badal.  See more work by this photographer here.

P.S. I promise this isn't turning into a wedding blog.

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