October 19, 2010

Gibralter rock


Of course there are a ton of things around the house that we should have been doing.  But the weather was perfect and free weekends are few and far between.  So we played hooky and let the wood sit in the driveway for yet another day.

The road up to the top used to be open and teenagers would drive their cars all the way up.  I'm sure your imagination can take care of what it is they did.  Not all of it was fun and games though.  Having closed off the road has also drastically decreased the number of jumpers.  People just don't want to have to work so hard to get to the top in order to take the fast way down.  So hiking is the only option to get to the top.  And so is life right?

 The hike was just tough enough for a lazy day and the views were spectacular.  The colors of the trees were peak.  With all of the oaks (vs maples etc) their wasn't as much color as in other parts.  It was still beautiful though.

I'm glad I was able to convince Z to play hooky instead of working on the house.

Find out more on the Wisconsin DNR website.

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