October 1, 2010

a few things i'm loving

still blooming
Just a few of the things that are making me happy today:

1. The zinnias still blooming by my backdoor.
2. These videos by tucker.
3. This chair:  You could fit so many things in it.  Although I am doubtful it is comfortable to sit in.
4. This video and book: I just couldn't get enough of the sheep.  He (she?) is near the end of the video, the best part.  No, I don't have the book but am seriously contemplating buying it on pre-order because of the video.
5. All of the ok go videos because they have a new one out.  Simple search on youtube for ok go dogs, ok go wtf, ok go goldberg, ok go treadmills or ok go backyard.  They are sure to get you moving!


  1. holy crap, what a kickass, useable chair.

  2. I know! I need to find it in a showroom so I can try it out. I love the look but am skeptical of width between the wire as far as comfort is concerned...


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