October 7, 2010

falling into it

natural curls
the fall bounty/ future bird houses

last dinner
The weather has taken it's turn in the past few days.  I was at the Land this weekend.  We went to bed bathed in the colors of fall, everything still thriving.  We awoke to nearly all the leaves off the trees and the foliage wilting right before our eyes from the first hard frost.  The frost has yet to set in at home and this week is suppose to be beautiful!  So I'm taking it as my warning of what is on the way and prepping the garden and yard for winter this week.  I was lucky to get these photos before the frost came.  Many more photos from this weekend to come.  It was not unlike last year's last frost Land trip.

By the way what happens to bumble bees after the first hard frost?  Was this little guy suppose to have migrated?

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