October 28, 2010

2 year anniversary

pb & j with banana.  Yum!  It keeps me going.
Dang it, I missed it!  Happy belated two year blogging anniversary!  I think my Mom and Joe are the only two people that have been reading since the beginning.  Nonetheless I'm delighted to still be posting.  Many thanks to all of you wonderful bloggers that I follow, follow me and those I have yet to discover, for keeping me motivated.  Bleep you get a lot of the credit for keeping me consistent these past few months.  And you too Joe, for reminding me people do actually read this.

Thank you for being interested in my meanderings, numerous lists, unkept promises and the like.  To many more!  Well, preferably not more of the unkept promises.  I know I've got piles of projects to fill this space with.  I'll get on with it already.

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  1. Happy Anniversary! And enjoy your weekend at home :) I know you'll be way more productive than I...


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