September 1, 2010

summer's end

late raspberries
It finally feels like my garden is full grown (although my heirloom tomatos have yet to ripen).  The nights are cooler making for great sleeping and chilly showers (I like to have the window open).  And o my goodness the cats are CRAZY.  I think they are finally comfortable in the cooler weather and that has come out in the form of "rough housing."  I'll see if I can catch them on video and share it here.  All pictures and houseplants have been safely tucked away as a result.

But I've gotten off track here.  It simple feels like fall is now at our heels.  And that means I am itching to get some veg from the garden hoarded away.  As I said my heirloom tomatos have not set but I have small yellow pear ones along with buckets of cucumbers and the zucchini.  It has indeed been a great gardening year (except for those pesky misquitos).

It is a tradition to pick elderberries on labor day weekend so I know we will be flush with them come next week.  I came across this great recipe for elderberry tincture.

What to do with all these yellow pear tomatoes... Any ideas?  What kinds of things are you preserving for winter?

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  1. Love you photography...AGAIN! If you have unripened tomatoes in this fast approaching fall, try this recipe:

    It's really freakin good.


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