September 10, 2010

The Purge of 2010

not pretty but it feels good
When you work for a clothing store and have the ability and excitement to create your own clothes you have a LOT of clothes.  A limited amount of closet/dresser space as well as days to wear said clothing means many things have got to go.  Plus I have things that I have had since before my teenage years.  Yes, I can still fit into most of them, big was in when they were purchased, but they don't look good or make me feel good.  Never mind all the things I say I could make out of their remnants...  I will only make one exception here.  Old denim can be saved and cut up for braided rugs.

I readily admit that I am a hoarder.  I have come to accept this.  I deleted over 3000 e-mails the other day.  My inbox is now under 500. (insert patting on the back noises here).

The simple fact is purging feels good.  It cleans up so much more than visual clutter.  I am reminded of an aunt and Uncle that pared down their lives after moving to their cottage upon retirement.  Their new home was much smaller by comparison and contained only the things they loved and used.  It was always refreshing to visit but was still brimming with history, personality and style.

And I thought I was always thinking carefully about my purchases....

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