September 27, 2010

personal website in the works

I have finally to gotten my personal website host working properly for me.  aka I made it a priority. Funny how making things a priority changes how it works out.

Anyway I'm am in the midst of creating my personal website where I hope to showcase my portfolio of work, items for sale, etc.  No worries my blog will still be my day-to-day place.  It keeps me motivated with my personal project.  As there is little doubt in my mind that you all would hold me accountable if I dropped off for too many days in a row.  Right?

A while back I shared links to the websites of some creative people that I like.  Since I am doing this myself it will and needs to be simple clean and easy to access.  That doesn't mean sterile and boring though.  I'm calling for some help here: Do you have sites that you love?  Any tips or advice would also be greatly appreciated (fyi I'm using Joomla to facilitate creating my site).

Finally a few more that I'm liking:
Central Ave: color palette and interesting graphics.  Particularly the menu bar at the top.
Lilla Rodgers: perhaps unattainable (when creating the website myself).  Love anyway.
Wren Handmade:  Large rotating picture with menu below.  Clean, simple and to the point.  Just what I like.  This website is one of the reasons my blog is not called "ren" or "little ren."
Laura Normandin: the personal site of the creator of Wren Handmade.

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