September 21, 2010

patchwork and rug upholstery

LOVE this patchwork sofa via House to Home UK.

I like the look of the rug on this Anthropologie sofa.
As you already know I have reupholstering chairs in my queue of projects.  My knowledge of textiles usually means that I have expensive taste when it comes to the fabric there by putting the project out of my budget.  So when I saw rugs and pieced bits of fabric being used as upholstery I got really excited.  This style means I won't not need to save as much $$$ as I once thought.  Which, given the other variable of time these projects can happen sooner too.  And I simply love these results!

Sometimes rugs are simply too beautiful to be used underfoot and covering furniture with them seems more appropriate.  Even more perfect; when parts of a well used and loved rug are worn out but you don't want to toss the whole thing into the garbage use it on an ottoman.

I may start my upholstering adventures with something small, like this ottoman diy on design sponge.

Plus all the patterns will hide the cat hair I didn't manage to vacuum up.  I don't think there is any talking be down from this ledge.  Let the sewing and reupholstering begin!

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