September 29, 2010


morning dew
not quite ready
how the beauty begins.  note the plum like violet w/green: a personal favorite combo
I didn't have faith in the loofah plant actually growing so I planted the moonflower along side it, just in case.  Clearly seen in the previous loofah post they grew and grew quite well.  I can't say that yellow is may favorite color in the garden.  Actually I have tried to use only cool colored flowers in my garden.  The backyard is naturally very hot in the summer (ie heat coming off of the house as it faces South).  Perhaps it isn't true but I think the cooler colored flowers will make it seem less hot.  Is that crazy?  Once again I digress. 

Back to the moonflower.  I had read of its ethereal beauty. The idea that the blooms only open at night, are at their best for that one night and send off an enchanting scent intrigued me.  I thought they would be perfectly placed near the patio where we would have evening fires with friends and family.  Their scent and beauty filling the air.  Oh, and hiding the garage that is in terrible need of a fresh coat of paint was a priority too.  With the help of the loofah's large leaves filling in space I was not disappointing.  I will plant it again next year.  Perhaps in front of the bathroom window so the scent will sneak in during an early morning shower.

The only advice I'd give myself: plant it earlier.  In fact plant everything earlier next year.

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